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Northern Ireland

Dandelion Studio is one of the leading providers of primary school and pre-school photography in Northern Ireland. I am a fully qualified photographer with years of experience working with over 100 schools across Northern Ireland on their school portraits at least once per year. I love meeting and capturing their unique personalities and professionally, efficiently and seamlessly directing your school photo day.

We offer a variety of school photography services including:

Staff photos
Individual school portraits
Sibling school Photos
P7/Sixth Form leavers portraits
School Formal Photos
Year Group Photos

What will our school need to do once we hire you?
We keep the level of admin for schools at a minimum as we understand how busy school life is. Once your school is booked with us we will send a step by step email with suggested communication to be sent out via Seesaw or whatever communication system your school uses.

Our online system alleviates the school from having to distribute endless pieces of paper, saves time and removes the need to handle any cash.  Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible and this simple efficient system is much preferred by our clients.

Will it be easy for parents to order photos?
Our online system allows parents to register and consent to having their child’s photo taken. They simply need to input their name, child’s name and whether they need an individual or sibling photograph. The system then automatically generates a QR code that they can use for ordering photographs once Dandelion Studio has edited and uploaded the final shots.

How does pricing work?
Using their own unique QR code, parents can purchase photos online – It couldn’t be easier. Prices for parents start at £12 for one digital photo and we offer a generous commission for each school who invite us to become their photographer so you can be assured of some income for your school.

What are the benefits of working with Dandelion Studio?
• Very generous commission paid directly to the school
• Free staff photos
• Free group photo to display in school
• Family portrait evenings
• Promotional photos
• Prospectus photos and design
• Marketing material

When will parents receive their photographs?
Our team professionally edit all your photos after the photoshoot and send you a download link 10-14 days after your photoshoot takes place. Once the order deadline has passed our printers fulfil the order and deliver directly to the school for distribution.

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