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Children & Babies

Capturing those special moments

Children & Babies

Family Portrait Photographer | Dandelion Studio

It’s those authentic moments that reflect the true spirit of your family. Dandelion Studio are here to preserve your family’s precious memories and to capture those tender early years.

Our warm and welcoming photography studio has been created just for children and family so it is as comfortable and homely as possible. We want your photoshoot to be special, memorable, relaxed and fun.

These photoshoots are always child-led. Of course, I am here to photograph your little ones but ultimately I want to make them feel welcome – the trusted feather duster often makes an excellent tickling stick, and the numerous toys to explore makes sure that there is no such thing as pressure here! Children aren’t here to perform they make the rules on the day, everything flows organically and we let their personalities shine through.

We get to know your little ones and encourage them to play, not to pose. I am a mummy and I know how important it is to take it at their pace – we have plenty of fun props to engage and get the best out of your little ones.

Frequently asked questions:

What happens on the day?
Once you walk through the door, make yourself comfortable and take a seat on the sofa, make yourself at home and have a chat! Relax and let me take over. Children love a natural way of directing but still being playful and personable.

How much time will the photoshoot take?
A family with a newborn baby can expect a longer photoshoot of up to three hours. This is because newborns require comforting, feeding and nappy changes. We slow down time, relax into your baby bubble and comfort them when they need it.

A family with babies and older children can expect a shorter photoshoot of approximately one hour. Sometimes it can take a little longer depending on how your child feels on the day.

My child (or significant other!) doesn’t like photographs
Don’t worry. We’re well used to this situation and it is incredible how quickly we can help them settle into the studio environment, relax and capture them in their natural persona.

My child doesn’t want to smile in photographs but I really want to do a photoshoot
We get to know the children, let our hair down and have fun. The smiles are all natural, not contrived in any way and we keep it light hearted. Your children aren’t here to perform.
Dandelion are proud to have the reputation of capturing natural unposed images that really do show personalities; if it’s a traditional pose that’s required, well that’s not a problem!

Do I need to bring any props or dress in a certain way?
We recommend neutrals, pastel colours and denim to get the most out of your photos and we would advise avoiding any clothing with large logos or patterns. As for props, we do have a well equipped Aladdin’s cave filled with soft swaddles, pretty hairpieces, unique chairs and other tasteful props to make your photos that little bit extra special.
If you have something special you wish to include in photos then just let us know when booking. We love to hear your ideas!

When will I receive my photographs?
We invite you back to the studio approximately ten days after the shoot. We professionally edit all your photos in the interim and our Studio Manager Susan will spend time with your family going through the shots and helping you to decide which ones you would like to purchase.

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