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Capturing those special moments


Photography by Dandelion Studio

We love nothing more than capturing snapshots of family life whether it is in our studio in Moira, Northern Ireland, at your home or at a location of your choice. Whether that is a park, a sunflower field or perhaps a forest or beach, I will join you for a fun day out and snap natural photographs of your family enjoying time together. This is the ideal way to invite your wider family circle into the photos such as grandparents, a special auntie, cousins or other loved ones.

We want to capture authentic happy memories and your natural selves. No posing or uncomfortable, staged photos here! Families are about life, love and heartfelt moments.

When will I receive my photographs?
We invite you back to the studio approximately ten days after the shoot. We professionally edit all your photos in the interim and our Studio Manager Susan will spend time with your family going through the shots and helping you to decide which ones you would like to purchase.

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