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Dandelion Studios

A highly experienced photographer of over 13 years with specialist training in working with children and babies; Dandelion Studio was founded in 2010 in my much loved conservatory at home, then progressing onto my beautiful Georgian style studio which I absolutely love!

As a busy mum of 2, I know how difficult it can be to fit in a visit to the studio, not to mention the unpredictable natures of little personalities! But meeting children and their little unique personalities is just the best thing. Having laughs, playing chase or just causing mayhem because who doesn’t love a bit of fun!

I also know how shy some children can be and know all the tricks to put them at ease. Gentle, fun direction for your children at their level is sometimes the best way.
It’s important to us to make sure family members are at ease and to make your photoshoot an enjoyable and memorable experience for everyone.

Children often refer to Dandelion Studio as ‘Emma’s House’ and this is what makes my heart full!

For corporate work and business owners, we will spend a little time identifying the message that you want to portray through gorgeous images. Or if it’s just some simple product shots to showcase your business you can be assured that a Dandelion photo portfolio will help your brand shine.

We are proud that our clients and families come back again and again because of the warm welcome and professional experience they receive. Dandelion Studio work tirelessly to ensure every photoshoot produces a high quality finish that you will love.
We often receive photos of clients proudly displaying our work hanging on the wall of family homes, offices or websites. It’s a little proud moment of knowing that we got what you need.

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